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Licensed Wildlife Facility

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Why be licensed?

We at West Michigan Wildlife Center believe in the importance of licensing and professionalism in the field of wildlife rehabilitation. Wildlife rehabilitation licenses or permits are required to work with most native species as wildlife is a natural resource and considered the property of the collective people of a state. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service requires federal rehabilitation permits to work with migratory bird species and species listed under the Endangered Species Act. A license IS required to hold animals in rehabilitation and members of the public are allowed 24 hours to get an animal in need to a licensed facility/individual.

DNR Rehabilitation Permit #: WR257

DNR Fisheries (Turtle) Rehab Permit #: FSCP01182024192954

Scientific Collectors Permit # (DNR Education): SC1603

More Questions? Contact the DNR Below:

US Fish & Wildlife Service Rehabilitation Permit #: MB35103A

More Questions? Contact the USFWS Below:


Our main location is not currently open to the public. Please contact us to set up a drop off!






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