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Title: Wildlife Rehabilitation Intern

Interns will be involved the daily care of wildlife patients on the premise of our facility. Interns will be expected to “get dirty” in the involvement of cleaning enclosures/cages, preparing balanced diets for many different species, pediatric mammal and avian care as well as learn how to give a thorough intake exam and follow through on necessary treatments. Interns will also have the opportunity to interact with the public and triage potential new intakes via phone.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Specific duties include, but may not be limited to:

  • Daily cleaning and maintenance of enclosures and facility grounds

  • Daily diet preparation (variable species – adults and pediatrics)

  • Conduct intake exams on injured and orphaned wildlife

  • Assess new animals conditions and formulate plans of treatment

  • Species specific habitat “construction/preparation”

  • Learn “low stress” handling techniques

  • Give medications and perform basic medical treatments

  • Learn basic dosing calculations

  • IM injections, Sub-Q fluids, tube feeding, etc.

Additional Opportunities:

  • Will have the opportunity to participate in and learn about the public interaction side of running a rehabilitation facility. Including:

  • Phonetriage

  • Intake paperwork required by governmental bodies o Entering patient information in to computer system

  • Outreach events

  • Education presentations to public & kids


  • Currently pursuing a degree in biology, pre-vet, zoology or any other animal science related field.

  • Proficiency in basic computer functions

  • Strong attention to detail

  • Experience with and passion for animals

  • Interested in learning about wildlife rehabilitation

  • Very task-oriented

  • Self-starter

  • Excellent critical thinking/problem solving skills

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Some customer service experience preferred but not required

Additional Information:

This is an unpaid internship. The internship will be located at our location near downtown GR, close to the intersection of College and Leonard. Parking is on the street. Please come prepared to work outside regardless of weather. Rubber work boots recommended.


Wildlife Rehabilitation is a unique and needed public service that often goes unnoticed.
You will work with our lively team of volunteers, making for a fun, vibrant work environment full of opportunities to learn about many different facets of the field
Please fill out the volunteer application and send cover letter and resume to Allyson Swanson



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